“The most distinguishing feature of his talent is his profound insight in the
essence of the music he performs. His playing is totally void of any shallow
effects, it is noble and sincere."
Naum Grubert

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"His playing is not only characterized by fine pianism, beauty sound, feeling of form and impressive technique, one can also find in the depth, emotional subtleness and a great temperament." Vera Gornostaeva

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Pedro Emanuel Pereira is one of the most outstanding Portuguese pianists of his generation. Known for his talent for performing works of various styles, the pianist also tends to compose and improvise around compositions of diverse nature, a territory less frequented by classical music pianists. His compositions carry much of his own art, his solid course in classical music, his approach to the orchestral instrument that is the piano, and his way of improvising is also different, with other motives, other influences, and other paths.

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